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Tonya McClary, Esq

Tonya McClary, Esq


Tonya is a healer, attorney and grassroots organizer. For over 15 years she has been working domestically and abroad to highlight and bring to the forefront human rights abuses against people in the United States. Tonya is very passionate about her healing work and is currently working to bring this work more fully to the forefront in her own life. For the last few years Tonya’s has focused her healing work inside prisons. She founded two programs in Philadelphia, PA one is the Youth Art & Spirituality Project and the other is called Poetry is Healing. As part of Tonya’s work she has looked very closely at issues of diversity and facilitated diversity workshops with nonprofit organizations.


Tonya has attended several BD101 Intensives as a participant or intern. She also attended the first Training of Trainers in 2006. After attending her first BD101 Intensive Tonya’s perspective on diversity work changed. She credits BD101 with shifting old paradigms of traditional diversity training and shedding new light on how this kind of work can be done.

"I found the experience transformative. Every time I attend a BD101 I walk away challenging myself to be a better person and facilitator. I find that I have ah-ha moments weeks and months after each one, as I challenge myself to have a deeper understanding of the issues that are raised in the workshop. I will continue to attend BD101's and know that with each one I will gain a deeper understanding of how diversity issues play out in my life and the world around me."

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