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Dr. Amanda Kemp

Dr. Amanda Kemp


Dr. Amanda Kemp is a racial justice and mindfulness mentor. She is the author of the indy best-seller Say the Wrong Thing: Stories and Strategies for Racial Justice and Authentic Community.


Dr. Kemp has been called a master teacher, having helped over 25,000 people build their capacity to practice self- compassion and self-critique. Her H.E.A.R.T. Method for Racial Justice and Mindful Living has been adopted by teachers from grade 6- college levels.


Dr. Kemp is a Visiting Scholar in Africana Studies at Franklin & Marshall College and a graduate of Stanford and Northwestern Universities. Her TEDxtalk, “How to Have a Voice andLean in to Conversations about Race,” was recently released. She regularly mentors leaders via her Compassionate Change Makers Program and online classes.



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