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BD101 Remember.Resist.Renew


BD101 Remember, Resist, Renew

Beyond Diversity 101 ~ Remember, Resist, Renew 

Rest and replenish in a community committed to rigorous truth telling and fierce loving. Designed for social justice practitioners, healers, teachers, community activists, and transformational artists, this highly interactive program invites you to relax and reflect in warm silence, uncover and express your deepest knowing, claim the personal healing that strengthens your community activism, and ignite the fire-dance that burns away the lies of separation.

These times require dipping into the well of inner knowing so that you can continue the work of actualizing wholeness and justice for all. The weekend includes movement, small group work, lectures, music, journaling and lots of self-care.

Come be inspired to remember who you are. Join arms in uncompromising heart-work, leaving with renewed energy to abolish systems of oppression and open pathways to the fullest expression of interconnection for the well-being of all.


Lecture and presentation, large and small group discussion: these intellectual efforts are only one dimension of a holistically conceived curriculum.  Integral and primary to BD 101 is the establishing a circle of mutual respect, good faith and a commitment to deep caring, which is able to sufficiently ‘hold’ the group through both the painful and joyful revelations that arise in the course of the workshop.

The intuitive is honored along side the intellectual.  We especially tend to the body in the midst of this transformational learning. A massage therapist is on the BD101 staff during the course of the workshop, providing one-on-one sessions.

Music and expressive movement, yoga and qi gong, as well as activities out of doors, are integrated into each day’s schedule. Care is taken to select workshop environs that are comfortable, where nourishing food is served. Each aspect of the intensive is designed to support, in as holistic a manner as possible, the deep work of the participants.

BD101 Remember, Resist, Renew Workshop -
August 2022

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