BD101 Re|member.Resist.Renew


Latest in the BD101 series, this 4-Day/3-night workshop is for social justice practitioners, healers, leaders, community activists, and transformational artists who work to actualize wholeness and justice for all. 


For those who know that these times require dipping deep into the well of knowing, this workshop invites you to rest and reflect in warm silence, to uncover and express your deepest knowing, to claim the personal healing that will strengthen your community activism and ignite the fire-dance that burns away lies of separation.  


Come to rest and replenish in a community committed to fierce loving.  Come to be emboldened through rigorous truth-telling.   Be inspired to re-member who we are and join arms in uncompromising Heartwork.   When we leave this workshop, we will have named with renewed energy the actions we commit to take to abolish systems of oppression and toward opening pathways for the fullest expression of our interconnection - toward the well-being of all.  

The BD101 Pedagogy 

Diversity training has traditionally been based in models driven by guilt and blame. We believe that if the goal is to become a more whole society, such trainings are highly ineffective. We need to move beyond the vicious cycles that are embedded in these old “Diversity 101” models.


We can, in fact, abolish systematic discrimination within and without. It requires recognizing, taking responsibility, shifting mindsets while continually building and utilizing effective skills. Beyond Diversity 101 is for all who choose to transform systems of separation and power-over. It is for those who want to work toward wholeness — within and without.