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BD101 "Basic" 5 Day

Beyond Diversity 101 intends healing transformation. We provide frameworks, offer practices, and hold a space for growing skills to de-structure systems of oppression and raise up liberation. Participants are offered pathways to move beyond the guilt-blame cycle toward radical truth-telling, co-responsibility, and activating joy & justice!

Participants will:

  • Recognize and remove blocks that hold
    you back as a facilitator, artist, leader,
    healer, teacher, or organizer;

  • Articulate and break patterns of

  • Practice being a courageous and
    heart-centered transformer;

  • Increase the ability to discern, speak,
    and activate a vision of liberation;

  • Recognize how our spiritual lives relate
    to our social justice work;

  • Develop applications for continuing

       work at home.

BD101 Basic Jan 2023.jpeg


Lecture and presentation, large and small group discussion: these intellectual efforts are only one dimension of a holistically conceived curriculum.  Integral and primary to BD 101 is the establishing a circle of mutual respect, good faith and a commitment to deep caring, which is able to sufficiently ‘hold’ the group through both the painful and joyful revelations that arise in the course of the workshop.

The intuitive is honored along side the intellectual.  We especially tend to the body in the midst of this transformational learning. A massage therapist is on the BD101 staff during the course of the workshop, providing one-on-one sessions.

Music and expressive movement, yoga and qi gong, as well as activities out of doors, are integrated into each day’s schedule. Care is taken to select workshop environs that are comfortable, where nourishing food is served. Each aspect of the intensive is designed to support, in as holistic a manner as possible, the deep work of the participants.

Good interaction Carmen Dai plus.jpg

What Folks Are Saying....

"BD101 is an opportunity to tackle difficult and tender material in a clear-eyed way with others who are likewise committed to this work. It offers a different point of access to justice work than most other settings."​

~July 2017 Participant


" I deepened my understanding and practice around discussing and acting on issues of identity and justice."​

~August 2017 Participant


"In the end, BD101 caused me to dig deep, to process and release what I was unaware of previously. I have found new freedom to engage in new ways.I'm sure this will be an ongoing process as I am still learning from the experience weeks later. Invaluable!!!!! "​

~August 2017 Participant


Explore a Sample BD101 5 Day Workshop Agenda

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