Creating Organization Readiness (COR)

What Folks Are Saying....

"It gave me a lot to thing about/process/digest. Got solitary time to think and reflect, as well as

group time to bounce off each other and learn.

Personally, it shone light on some other perspectives and experiences, and other than my own. It also helped me find places where I can bring this work into my role in my organization."

~BD1O1 COR Participant

March 2017


Lecture and presentation, large and small group discussion: these intellectual efforts are only one dimension of a holistically conceived curriculum.  Integral and primary to BD 101 is the establishing a circle of mutual respect, good faith and a commitment to deep caring, which is able to sufficiently ‘hold’ the group through both the painful and joyful revelations that arise in the course of the workshop. 


The intuitive is honored along side the intellectual.  We especially tend to the body in the midst of this transformational learning. A massage therapist is on the BD101 staff during the course of the workshop, providing one-on-one sessions. 


Music and expressive movement, yoga and qi gong, as well as activities out of doors, are integrated into each day’s schedule. Care is taken to select workshop environs that are comfortable, where nourishing food is served. Each aspect of the intensive is designed to support, in as holistic a manner as possible, the deep work of the participants.


The BD101/COR intensive adapts the BD101 curriculum for direct application to the specific needs of participating organizations. Participant organizations each send a 2-4 member team to the five-day BD101/COR intensive.


The commitment of a team, rather than a lone individual, establishes within the sponsoring organizations internal networks of men and women who have undertaken the BD101/COR training and planning process together. These individuals can then lend mutual support and accountability to one another while implementing well-crafted goals for institutional change.


These goals will have been seasoned as a team over the course of the five-day workshop and follow-up sessions with their designated BD101/COR Coach.


The Organization teams are each assigned a BD101/COR Action and Accountability Coach [COR Coach] who will: 

  • Conduct a pre-session interview 

  • Provide private facilitation/coaching over the course of the 5-day intensive 

  • Follow-up in three sessions back-home in order to sustain progress in implementation 

During private breakout sessions with individual coaches, and in large-group activities, the teams work to clarify the purpose of their diversity initiatives.  They build skills of analysis and intervention for the specific challenges of their home institutions, and they strengthen their capacity to sustain progress through all phases of deep organization change.

Effective strategic planning should align the organization’s functions with its core purpose or mission.  Effective diversity training should leverage staff creativity and the increased contributions which come when all staff members are well-valued, utilized and appreciated.  Solid strategic and diversity plans will result in 360° Mission Effectiveness. 


Grounded in succesful learning activities and proven conceptual models the BD101/COR intensive guides the participant teams through and initial phase of Awareness and Skill Building to finish with Action and Accountability Planning. 

Over the course of the five days, organizational teams and their COR Coach work to eliminate dysfunctional separations across class, race, gender and sexuality, as well as address perceived separations among institutional divisions: finance, human resources, program and governance, etc.  BD101/COR encourages the hard choices about what will be maintained, changed, or discontinued in order to strengthen whole-system alignment. BD101/COR aims for peak performance throughout the organization by recognizing true interconnection.


Diversity training has traditionally been based in models driven by guilt and blame. We believe that if the goal is to become a more whole society, such trainings are highly ineffective. We need to move beyond the vicious cycles that are embedded in these old “Diversity 101” models.


We can, in fact, abolish systematic discrimination within and without. It requires recognizing, taking responsibility, shifting mindsets while continually building and utilizing effective skills. Beyond Diversity 101 is for all who choose to transform systems of separation and power-over. It is for those who want to work toward wholeness — within and without.