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Creating Organization Readiness

Beyond Diversity 101: 

Creating Organization Readiness (BD101/COR) takes the dynamic approach of Beyond Diversity 101 and applies it to the participating organizations. Through a team approach, during this 5-day intensive, we clarify the purpose of diversity initiatives, build skills for analysis and intervention, and strengthen the internal capacity to maintain progress through all phases of deep organizational change.

Each 2- or 3-person team is assigned a BD101/COR coach who conducts a pre- session interview, is present during the 5-day intensive, and schedules 3 follow-up sessions to assist the team in maintaining momentum and continued growth.



Lecture and presentation, large and small group discussion: these intellectual efforts are only one dimension of a holistically conceived curriculum.  Integral and primary to BD 101 is the establishing a circle of mutual respect, good faith and a commitment to deep caring, which is able to sufficiently ‘hold’ the group through both the painful and joyful revelations that arise in the course of the workshop.

The intuitive is honored along side the intellectual.  We especially tend to the body in the midst of this transformational learning. A massage therapist is on the BD101 staff during the course of the workshop, providing one-on-one sessions.

Music and expressive movement, yoga and qi gong, as well as activities out of doors, are integrated into each day’s schedule. Care is taken to select workshop environs that are comfortable, where nourishing food is served. Each aspect of the intensive is designed to support, in as holistic a manner as possible, the deep work of the participants.

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What Folks Are Saying....

"It gave me a lot to thing about/process/digest. Got solitary time to think and reflect, as well asgroup time to bounce off each other and learn.​Personally, it shone light on some other perspectives and experiences, and other than my own. It also helped me find places where I can bring this work into my role in my organization."​

~BD1O1 COR Participant March 2017


​"It gave me insight, tools and resources to better understand and break patterns."​​

~BD1O1 COR Participant January 2017


" I'm still processing all that I received from attending BD 101. There are a few key things that I know I have after the training- first belonging to a community of peers that have the same core of beliefs about equity and doing racial justice work. A renewed sense of how important core assumptions and mind sets are to this work and system change."​

~BD1O1 COR Participant January 2017

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