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Kevin D. Greene

Kevin D. Greene


Kevin has been supporting BD101 intensives with energy and bodywork since 2006.  He is a certified massage therapist of 18 years, and has worked as a facilitator for even longer.  Kevin is a priest of Obatala in the Lukumi Yoruba tradition.  He has practiced Qi Gong and Tai Chi since 1996.

In 1996 he created the Alternative and Complementary Therapies Program at ActionAIDS, a Philadelphia nonprofit organization serving people with AIDS and HIV.


Kevin has cultivated a daily practice of Qi Gong and has been able to share his personal experience in surviving a life-threatening illness by incorporating this practice into a holistic health care program.


Kevin states that what he most appreciates about Beyond Diversity 101 is that, "though filled with self care, the workshop invites you to dig deep into your beliefs, values and programming and go beyond traditional models and concepts of diversity trainings."

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