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Lisa Graustein

Lisa Graustein


Lisa has attended several BD101 intensives as intern, assistant facilitator and as the first BD101 Co-Facilitator.  She has a fierce dedication to living justice and has been highly praised by participants in BD101 workshops as a wise and courageous facilitator. 

 A 2008 TfT participant said the following about Lisa, "I appreciated her strength in explaining the (BD101) frameworks, seeing and saying what was happening at the group level." "Lisa has many gifts to share and it is obvious that she has done much personal growth work herself." 


Lisa is a high school teacher, an artist, and works with Boston-area non-profits concerning issues of school diversity and safety.

After her second BD101 intensive, Lisa wrote:


"I originally sought out BD101…seeking ways for all of us to gain greater wholeness and [to discover methods for] white people working on racism with other white people.  …The first BD101 gave me a new model of what that could be like (and that it was possible) and this second BD101 helped me see even more possibilities and pushed me much further towards my own wholeness."

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