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Niyonu Spann

Niyonu Spann


Every BD101 Intensive has started with participants exploring ‘what they have always known.’ I intentionally start by inviting that part of us that existed before and throughout much of life’s conditioning. When I ask myself this same question, I find that there has always been a burning within me to build bridges or to break down walls of separation between people(s). My life work has been re-membering our interconnection and living from that reality.


This call has increasingly demanded vigorous truth-telling and unrelenting heart-connection.  Whether composing a piece of music, facilitating a board of directors’ strategic planning process, having a one-on-one executive coaching session or having a heartfelt discussion with an intimate partner, the central theme has remained: Create a space for the acknowledgment of what is, of what has been and of the living vision for the future.

My formal training has come in three primary areas:  Music, Organization Development (OD) & Transformative Processes.  It is easiest to articulate the training in the first two areas.

  • Oberlin Conservatory of Music – BA/BM in Voice Performance

  • American University/NTL – MSHRD in Human Resources (with an emphasis on Organization Development)

My studies in Transformation have been lifelong but began in earnest when I met and participated in workshops facilitated by Dr. Darya Funches.  I found in Darya’s teachings, a masterful integration of science, spirituality, psychology and organization development.  Darya was then a part of the NTL (National Training Laboratories) Board, which she later chaired.  I continue to study with Dr. Darya and always honor her teachings as foundational in my work.

Professional positions that have allowed me to integrate, grow and contribute include:

  • Twelve years as a high school teacher

  • Four years as a high school administrator

  • Eight years as Executive Director of a national non-profit called, The Green Circle Program, Inc.

  • Founder & President of Niyonu Spann Associates [Formerly TrV Consulting]

  • Founder & Director of Tribe 1 – a singing & drumming performance group

  • Four years as Dean of Pendle Hill (A Quaker, adult study center)

  • Co-Founder & Principal – Co-Creating Effective and Inclusive Organizations/Organizing [CEIO]

There have been over twenty-five 5-Day BD101 Intensives including BD101Trainings for Trainers, BD101 Advance!, BD101 COR (Creating Organizational Readiness) and BD101Race.   This is quite amazing and humbling when I think of what it takes to bring ourselves to any workshop - no less a 5-day Intensive.
I am encouraged by and grateful for the learning and re-membering that happens within me during each BD101.  I stay hungry for connecting and expanding in these ways.  Our world is likewise yearning to be a part of communities of vigorous truth-telling and unrelenting heart-connection.   


May the work continue to grow ~ within and without.

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