Welcome to BD101!

Our intensive workshops  expose, stimulate and transform the dynamics of diversity at the root level. 

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"Even for those who have spent years trying to understand racism and issues of diversity, there is so much more to learn from this approach that digs deep into the heart and soul opening paths for interaction beyond what most of us know."

Comments from November's BD101:

"Despite the anger we all feel - especially in activism - using the heart as the guide to the work we commit to do still comes first. This workshop allows us to find our own hearts."


"If you are doing activism or anti-racism or healing or organization work in any capacity you need a place to belong and be real. That is why so many people come back... these workshops sustain."


"You will build connection and community with an amazing, diverse group of people who are committed to justice and liberation for all and are open to sharing their own stories of struggle and growth."

Niyonu's WAKE UP Blog

Hungry for insights that remind us of who we really are? Thirsty for some unspeakable truths?  Craving nuggets of wisdom? Niyonu's WAKE UP Blog is full of tasty soup for your soul!

We keep the BD101 community in mind as we design the CEIO Deeper Change Forums.  Because so many members of CEIO partners and other of Greater New Haven communities have attended the various BD101 Programs, we see a great tie between these intentional communities of learning.  Though primarily intended for CT folks we love to see a few out of state BD101 transformers as well. Discover more at www.ceio.org.