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Beyond Diversity 101™ Upcoming Workshops

BD101 RACE- Dispelling the Myths of White Superiority and the Inferiority of Black & Brown People

October 22-26, 2019 | PENDLE HILL RETREAT & CONFERENCE CENTER- Wallingford, PA

This BD101 workshop offers a space for people to name and transform internalized, interpersonal, and structural patterns of white supremacy, racism, and colonialism. We will work as a whole group as well as in racial identity *Affinity for Healing Groups to:

  • Identify and understand patterns of racism, white supremacy, and colonization within ourselves and throughout society;

  • Begin to replace these internalized patterns with ones of justice and liberation;

  • Build skills in accessing inner guidance and reconnecting to ancestral wisdom for living into wholeness; and

  • Develop skill in speaking from YOUR knowingness; speaking truth out loud.


*As we continue to grow BD101RACE, we will be adding more Affinity for Healing Groups to include more People of Color.

This program requires an application. Once your application has been approved, you will be given instructions on how to register for the program and seek financial assistance if you require it. 

$990/private room $890/shared room $650/commuter

BD101 YOUTH 5-Day Intensive (Ages 13-18)

October 2-6, 2019 | Kirkridge Retreat Center | 2495 Fox Gap Rd | Bangor, PA

After years and many requests, we are happy to offer the first BD101 4Youth! The powerful BD101 

5-day workshop, originally offered in 1999, has been redesigned by a team of trained BD101 facilitators. 

Participants Will:

  • Support each other to learn and to act with love, honesty and equity 

  • Learn how systems of oppression were created and how they are currently maintained 

  • Better understand how difference and power play out in everyday life 

  • Move beyond the lies that have been internalized and reconnect to our personal and collective power 

  • Develop new models for creating a just and equitable world 

  • See where and how we get stuck during a change effort and get unstuck! 

  • Build strong support teams to help us continue the work back home ​

Cost: $640.00

Scholarships are available. We are committed to  having the greatest accessibility for all. Please apply for assistance early. Scholarship requests:




Beyond Diversity 101: Remember, Resist, Renew

November 21-24 | Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health | Stockbridge, MA

Rest and replenish in a community committed to rigorous truth-telling and fierce loving. Designed for social justice practitioners, healers, teachers, community activists, and transformational artists, this highly interactive program invites you to relax and reflect in warm silence, uncover and express your deepest knowing, claim the personal healing that strengthens your community activism, and ignite the fire-dance that burns away the lies of separation.

These times require dipping into the well of inner knowing so that you can continue the work of actualizing wholeness and justice for all. This weekend includes movement, small-group work, lectures, music, and dancing. These four talented presenters offer tools and connections to sustain and empower you in making the changes our world so desperately needs right now.

Come be inspired to remember who you are. Join arms in uncompromising heart-work, leaving with renewed energy to abolish systems of oppression and open pathways to the fullest expression of interconnection for the well-being of all.


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We keep the BD101 community in mind as we design the CEIO Deeper Change Forums.  Because so many members of CEIO partners and other of Greater New Haven communities have attended the various BD101 Programs, we see a great tie between these intentional communities of learning.  Though primarily intended for CT folks we love to see a few out of state BD101 transformers as well. Here is the link to upcoming Forums and a bit about past events as well! Download the 2019 brochure here.

"Even for those who have spent years trying to understand racism and issues of diversity, there is so much more to learn from this approach that digs deep into the heart and soul opening paths for interaction beyond what most of us know."

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